Aldeias do Xisto - Aigra Nova

Aldeias do Xisto - Aigra Nova
The village has a simple urban grid, corresponding to an access that, at the beginning of the village, is divided into three small streets that cross it and meet at the exit via the access on the opposite side. The predominant building material is shale, with some buildings being plastered. Door lintels are generally made of oak or chestnut wood.

With a simple urban fabric, low-lying construction and based on schist, Aigra Nova is divided into three small streets that cross it.

The spring and the mild climate are favorable to agricultural practice and the vast pastures. In this lively village there are vegetable gardens, cattle, donkeys and many activities that promise to surprise you.

Inserted in the network of Aldeias do Xisto, this grouping of four villages in the Municipality of Góis - Comareira, Aigra Nova, Aigra Velha and Pena - is integrated in a panoramic road that will connect them to Trevim, the highest point of Serra da Lousã (1204 meters). of altitude), to Santo António da Neve and other villages located on the opposite side of the mountain range. It is with eyes on high that the existence of these memory-villages and their recent and progressive transformation into future-villages are thanked, calling to each of them a new soul that, like beautiful schist stones, by themselves, cannot contain .

It is mandatory to stop here and get involved in the Traditions of Schist Eco-Museum project and visit its various Nuclei. The friendliness is as contagious as the serene landscape. It is good to know that, at the bottom of these valleys, deer and wild boar continue to subsist undisturbed, as if protected from the world.